Our Story

An Inspiring Mission. A Sense of Duty

Changing times demand changing responses. In April 2020, ShieldGuard started manufacturing protective face shields for our employees to keep them protected on the job. The response from our employees was extremely positive, so much so that other organizations began asking if we could manufacture face shields for their employees.  

Around the same time PPE shortages were announced by many healthcare organizations and hospitals. At ShieldGuard we knew the quality of our product and we knew we could help make a difference, a sense of duty prevailed and we retooled our production facilities so that we could assist in the global effort against the pandemic.

Safe, comfortable, portable and cost-effective

Our mission is to produce and supply face shields for everyone in need. Our face shields meet medical Health Canada standards, are anti-fog, comfortable, disposable, portable and accommodate other devices such as N95 masks, safety googles and face masks. 

Proudly Canadian

We are proud to say that all equipment is manufactured locally right here in Canada. This helps support local businesses while creating meaningful well-paying jobs. Today, our face shields and other PPE support critical care personnel, front line workers and the general public across North America.